We Take Care of Your Billing and Everything Around It

We know you are a doctor, but to help more people take advantage of your skills, you need to grow in every way possible That’s why we’re here. You focus on taking care of your patients, and we’ll take care of your billing and all its aspects.

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About Accurat Billing

Who We are

Accurat Abilling is a company that supports healthcare providers by offering them reliable and efficient medical billing services. They assist doctors with a range of services including eligibility verification, coding, charge posting, and rejection and denials management. Additionally, they also provide AR-Follow Ups, credentialing and enrollments, and free MIPS reporting. With their expertise and technological tools, Accurat Abilling ensures that medical billing is handled with accuracy and precision, so that healthcare professionals can focus on delivering quality care to their patients.

What we offer

Eligibility Verification
Coding and Charge Posting
AR-Follow Ups
Credentialing & Enrollments
Free MIPS Reporting
 Rejection and Denials